12 Nov 12 at 2 pm

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The worst thing is, I can’t stay angry. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much someone has fucked me over, I feel scared to lose them. I think i’m just too nice at heart. Too soft inside. It may seem as though I don’t care about anything but infact, I care too much… that’s my problem. I feel weak at the moment, I can’t stick to my word and I just wanna forget everything that’s causing hurt in my life. I want to start again, even if it is me putting my happiness at risk

And yeah, maybe showin you don’t care is much easier than showing how much you actually do. But that was the wrong way to go about it.. I wanted you to show me how much you cared right then. Things would have been different. Arrogance and being stubborn will get you nowhere. Especially in your next relationship. She’ll want you to show her how much she means to me, just like I did. And now it’s too late and whos fault is thatttttttttt

Ending things for good was the best decision for me. I didn’t deserve to be treated the way you treated me, the way you acted like such a stubborn and arrogant person afterwards, and the way you just gave up on proving to me you deserved another chance and wanted to be with me. I STILL gave you that last chance just to show me you were genuinely sorry, and you proved nothing. I will never forget that. I now feel so worthless and I’ve never felt so hurt by how much I thought someone cared/loved me when really it was all just a lie. Everything you say means nothing to me now, I wanna get over you so much. I don’t want someone like that to be my other half, I wanted someone who would fight for what we had and show me that the mistake they made really meant nothing. That’d be evident by the way you WOULDN’T give up trying to get me back. But you did. And it’s costed my happiness, and everything I ever wanted. I despise you because you made me lose everything I cared about, I loved, I was happy about.. All for that. It was out of my control and i cannot explain what it took for me to put all my trust into you after everything. The worst thing is I’ve never given you a reason to not trust me, and never was I ever unfaithful. I will eventually be that happy again, I need to get over this first.. You’ve really messed me up.